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    Chapters and Groups

    Boston College Law School alumni make up a diverse and vibrant community across the United States. Chapters and groups of the Alumni Association meet in a number of areas around the country to promote events, and to share ideas and memories. These chapters help unite alumni, helping to maintain their deep sense of community and commitment to their common ideals even after graduating.

    Chapters (download PDF map of locations)
    Atlanta, GA
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Chicago, Illinois
    Detroit, Michigan
    Miami, Florida
    New Hampshire
    New York & New Jersey
    Northern California
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Rhode Island
    Southern California
    St. Louis, MO
    Tampa, Florida
    Washington, DC 

    BC Law Black Alumni Network (BAN)

    If you would like a complete list of active chapters and contact information or are interested in starting an alumni group or chapter, feel free to contact the Boston College Law School Alumni Relations Office at bclaw.alumni@bc.edu or (617) 552-4703.